EOS Proxy Voting: Everything you Need to Know

EOS Proxy Voting: Everything you Need to Know

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Study Guide:
To complete your Blockgenic Certificate, enroll in the Blockgenic technical sequence and score 80% or better on every quiz. Make sure to go back and review when you are about to take a quiz. You can take each quiz three times. If you fail the first attempt, go back and review the section before you try the quiz again. We think the Blockgenic Technical Certificate is a great way to show you deeply understand the account management and permissions on the EOS blockchain. When you earn your certificate, print it and save it as a pdf to share with potential employers.

Researching your EOS vote can be time consuming. In addition, your vote loses some power every single week, so you have to continuously re-vote. If you want to simplify your vote you can vote by proxy. This means you entrust someone else with your voting power (without giving them access to your account).Voting by proxy means your vote will always be fresh and someone is doing the BP research for you. There are many proxies out there. You can choose a bare-metal list, a community-oriented list, a list for financial independence. Make sure you read up on the proxy and choose the one that fits with your values.  Take the time to contact the person who created the proxy.Proxy voting can save you time and increase your vote power. Let’s get started!

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