How to Buy EOS

How to Buy EOS

Buying EOS, even just 1 or 2, is crucial to become part of the community. Owning EOS lets you have a say on who the Block Producers are, and you can even receive free airdrops from apps. The process of buying can be a little bit difficult, but here we try to lay it out step-by-step. The process should take about 30 minutes start to finish.

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  1. PLS show how to send EOS and The airdrops from exchange to your wallet

    1. great idea! we’ll add a new section to this course

  2. Hi,

    I have problem with buying, i have made it how its writen in instruction but i didnt get eos, can someon help me pls.

    1. hey there! give us some more information and we can maybe help you out. every exchange is different. join us on telegram here and we can give you some more advice

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